Marc Meyer VC, Entrepreneur, CEO/CTO
Managing Director, Persefon, LLC +1(650) 218-4095 1000 Chestnut St. San Francisco California 94109
Software Ventures Executive/Founder. Serial entrepreneur in enterprise and consumer internet software, with expertise in technology, product development, operations, and management. Background in computer science and systems' architecture research, and over 25 years experience creating, managing, and selling service and product-based software companies in the U.S. and internationally.
Management, including strategic, business, product, technical, financial. Budgeting, business planning and forecasting. Presenting, evangelizing, leading, consensus building. Software and web technology, product ideation and development, computer architecture and algorithms.
Key Highlights
Consumer Internet: Co-founded, built and sold Activeweave, Inc.
As Chief Executive Officer at Activeweave, led the company from initial conception, funding and product development, through acquisition. Formulated Activeweave's products and patented the technology powering them; raised two rounds of financing. Drove business operations and technology growing Activeweave's BlogRovR service to over 1M downloads, 300,000 registered users, 10M+ daily searches, one of the four top sources for feed based subscribers for blogs, and one of 25 Mozilla recommended Firefox add-ons. Negotiated and managed the acquisition of Activeweave by BuzzLogic. Developed relationships in the venture capital and web 2.0 communities to further financing, evangelization, press, partnerships, marketing, technology and traction.
As founder of Hipdine, performed feasibility planning, patenting, and partnerships for, a mobile, location-aware just-in-time service for discounted restaurant bookings.
Internet Advertising: Led Product Roadmap and Strategy for the creation of BuzzLogic's Conversation Ad Network.
Staffed and led the Product organization for BuzzLogic's advertising platform and related offerings and technologies.
Enterprise Software and Services: Founder/founding member Tibco, Software Design Studio, MAR Associates.
President of Software Design Studio: built a consultancy to the Engineering Design Automation industry to 11 people and $2.5M in yearly revenues.
Principal Architect, Director and founding member Tibco (TIBX): led the architecture and deployment of Tibco's first commercialized product, the world's first digital securities trading floor.
As founder of MAR Associates built, operated, and sold a software firm with operations in the US and Italy specializing in user-interfaces, early window systems, and licensing and encryption technologies.
Leadership: Created companies, staffed, trained and inspired development teams. Evangelized corporation-wide programs.
Strong record of assembling, coaching and inspiring teams since 1983.
Created, promoted, and managed multi-year, cross-business-unit roadmaps for technological evolution driving both architecture, business case, and stakeholder coordination.
Vision: Track record of inventing, designing and marketing products and services.
Over twenty years experience envisioning and delivering novel solutions to existing business needs, driving concensus and facilitating communication between business, technical, and management interests and personnel.
Engineering: Hands on and supervisory responsibilities for technology deployments.
My experience marries over twenty years of leadership and building substantial software systems in the areas of web and consumer internet technologies, financial systems, databases, security, distributed and scalable systems, with a substantial academic foundation in computer systems and architectures research (at Xerox PARC, DEC Research, Olivetti Research, and Interval Research), and bottom-line responsibility over business operations.
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Recent Professional Experience
Mar. 2009 - present
San Francisco, California
+1 (650) 218-4095
Persefon Ventures, LLC.
Managing Director
Persefon Ventures, is a seed and early stage venture fund focused on consumer, social, and enterprise software and services. Our preference is for services with a quantifiable and existing target market, which can be addressed in short order with novel technology and approaches, and which can begin to be monetized and proved out without depending on market domination. As advisors and board members, we take an uncommonly active role in overseeing strategy, technology, and corporate development.
At Persefon, I get to meet brilliant and motivated entrepreneurs to evaluate fit with our investing style. With some, I have the opportunity to advise and direct them, and lead or participate in funding to take companies from early concept to first product and market penetration.
I also work with limited partners, high-net worth individuals and angel investors, to define investment goals and parameters, and manage and deploy their capital across rigorously selected early stage ventures.
Apr. 2008 - Jan. 2009
San Francisco, California
BuzzLogic, Inc.
Senior Vice President of Product
BuzzLogic, provides a premium display ad network to hyper-targets influential blog authors and the neighbor network of sites surrounding them to power high-performance, cost-effective campaigns for our advertiser clients. BuzzLogic's Insights product, on which the advertising network is based, is a search-based conversational influence analisys and monitoring technology.
At BuzzLogic I was in charge of Product Roadmap, Strategy, and, with the CTO, Architecture for our family of search, web analysis, and advertising solutions.
Initiatives which I led put into place acquistion and pricing stategies for the creation of the BuzzLogic's Conversation Ad Network, architecture of the Blog Search Engine underpinning Insights and the Conversation Ad Network, the specifications and design for automation of the Advertising, Ad Trafficking and reporting platforms, and a conversational/social widget advertising product.
Jun. 2005 - Apr. 2008
San Francisco, California
+1 (650) 218-4095
Activeweave, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder
Activeweave, a web 2.0 startup, lets users browse smarter: its patent-pending, always-on, personalized relevance engine, coupled with its browser add-on, delivers a contextual overlay straight into the browser in real-time, wherever on the web users navigate. Its services bring to the current page related information from personally-chosen sources.
Activeweave also helps realize the potential of an enhanced, social web using new browser metaphors to empower individuals to share commentary among their social groups. Activeweave is making the web more participatory, breaking the boundaries between the pages browsed and the relevant context about those pages. In the words of others: Erick Schonfeld in Business 2.0, Mike Arrington on Techcrunch, etc.
As CEO and one of the two main contributors to Activeweave, my responsibilities span a wide gamut of functions, including business and marketing operations, finance, product, business, and corporate strategy.
Operational responsibilities included raising financing, staffing, contractual and legal negotiations with funders, employees, partners, and vendors. Product-oriented responsibilities include product specification, design, and affordances, architecture and algorithms, and community and public relations.
Prior Experience
1977 - 2004
Dec. 1980 - Jun. 1982
Berkeley, California
UC Berkeley, EECS
Masters of Science, Computer Science
GPA: 4.0/4.0. Research Thesis: PIN, A Personal Information Network, in conjunction with the Smalltalk group at XEROX Parc. Emphases: Database Systems, Computer Graphics, Computer Languages.
Apr. 1976 - Dec. 1980
Berkeley, California
UC Berkeley, EECS
BS, Computer Science, minors in Zoology and History of Science
Major GPA: 4.0/4.0 - Emphasis on Systems and Languages, Operating Systems, Database Systems. Research Assistant Engineering Research Lab '77, Research Assistant Project Ingres 78-80.
Mar. 1972 - Dec. 1975
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Escuela Nacional Nicolás Avellaneda
Secondary school, emphasis on Sciences.
Summary Of Technical Skills and Expertise
Expert Programming, Internet, Protocols and Core Computer Science Skills.
Expertise in C, C++, Perl, Unix tools.
Familiarity with Java, JSP, JavaScript, and a wide variety of Web open source initiatives.
Expertise in Unix internals, Microsoft Win32.
Object Oriented architecture, development and programming parallel and distributed computing.
Algorithms, Data Structures.
Annotated Overlay Patent Pending: Polymorphic always-on personalized relevance overlay architecture;
English (Native), Spanish (Native), Italian (Fluent), Portuguese (Intermediate). French (Adv. Beginner).
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